Almost Heaven Miniature Dachshunds

Due to health issues,

I will be breeding on a very limited basis. 


" With Jesus and a Dachshund, you can lick anything! "

We have no available puppies at this time.

See our Expected Litters page for upcoming litters.

Please read the How Could You? page. It is required for adoption of an AHMD puppy!

AKC inspected 10/7/2010 

100 % compliant!

See my expectings page for upcoming litters!


Please read my contract very carefully!


I am asked a lot which makes a better pet, boys or girls?


Boys are usually less expensive to purchase and also to have neutered. They are often faster to house break than a girl and when neutered at a young age, some never learn to hike or spray. Both make devoted, loving pets:)

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